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Here, at Melone’s Pool Service, another one of our specialties is pool cleanings. Each of our pool technicians are highly trained to keep your pool sparkling clean and clear. Whether you are in need of a one-time cleaning or interested in our weekly services, we are here to make your pool a backyard oasis. 

Pool Cleaings

We offer both once and twice a week services to our residential customers.


Below is a list of tasks performed each visit:

  • Test and treat water

  • Clean skimmer basket(s)

  • Backwash filter

  • Clean cartridge filter when needed 

  • Brush pool walls

  • Brush tile

  • Vacuum when needed

  • Empty/clean strainer & pump basket(s)

  • Skim water surface

  • Inspect salt cell and clean as needed

  • Empty/clean automatic cleaner(s)

  • Inspect pool equipment

  • Leave door tag with date, cleaner name, tasks performed, and chemicals added 

Standard Residential Cleanings

Commercial Cleanings

We offer once, twice, and three times a week for our commercial customers. 

Typically commercial cleanings are designed to fit the specific needs of the pool and property. Please call or email us to talk with our Maintenance Manager about setting up weekly service for your commercial pool. 

Standard Commercial


One Time Pool Cleanings

We also offer one-time cleanings


At times homeowners just need a one-time cleaning to get their pool looking great and then wish to maintain it themselves. Call us today to ask about having us come out to bring your pool back to crystal clear condition.

One-time cleanings


If you are interested in having one of our professional cleaners maintain your pool call us today!

Office hours:

Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm